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Acrylic Box

Daily maintenance of acrylic storage box:

1. To clean the dust on the surface of acrylic storage box, you can directly wipe it with soft cotton dipped in water, but do not wipe it with coarse rag.

2. Get oil stains: first, put the towel under the stain, gently scrub it with a small brush dipped in alcohol until it dissolves and spreads along the silk stain, then soak it in cold water, gently scrub the soap, repeat twice or three times, and basically remove the grease. But

3. Ink: if the acrylic storage box is accidentally polluted by ink, you can mix rice and detergent, coat it thoroughly on the stain and rub it

4. Glue watermark: if glue marks are found during daily cleaning of acrylic storage box, it is generally because of acrylic

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Acrylic Box
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