Many shops will choose to install luminous door signs, which plays an important role in publicity for enterprises, stores and exhibitions, which is both beautiful and atmospheric. There are many kinds of luminous words. How to choose in a specific scene? Today, Xiaochuang will take you to know the common categories of luminous characters.

There are many kinds of advertising words, and their classification methods are also different. Usually, we divide the common advertising words into three-dimensional words and luminous words.

Using high molecular acrylic materials and led as light source, mini light is widely used in company service desk, store door logo, high-end leisure places, mobile phone stores, property management offices and other places. Features:

1. The transmittance of high brightness polymer acrylic plate is much higher than that of general acrylic plate, making it look energetic;

2. The polishing uniform material has very excellent polishing effect, and the polishing is very uniform, just like beautiful jade;

3. Long service life, high molecular acrylic material has excellent oxidation resistance and is not easy to fade, which is suitable for long-term use;

4. Energy saving and environmental protection LED lamps have low power consumption, only one tenth of that of neon lamps.

Acrylic Lighter for Bars

Modern bar design mainly focuses on simplicity and lightness, but simplicity is not monotonous. The lamp design in the bar also requires simplicity and clarity, which means concise words and clear composition. 
Now the lighting has designed more extensive and complex forms of expression, and the uniform design can no longer meet the requirements of the times. Therefore, lighting creativity and innovation are still the primary task in bar design. Without creativity, there is no innovation. Creativity needs expression form, and innovation needs content to fill. In the design of bar lighting, form and content are still the basic laws