Based on the diversified cross industry team, from the auto parts, health products and other production industries, we have transformed a product logo mark which is suitable for daily small amount of practical products.

Production transfer hot stamping, transfer printing, transfer film, transfer materials; packaging products printing and other printing products. With strong technical force, advanced production equipment and strict quality management system, we can ensure the reliable and superior quality of our products. All products are made of imported materials, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, no formaldehyde, no heavy metal components, in line with international SGS standards.

The products involve many kinds of transfer film, heat transfer hot stamping, matching transfer printing, hot drill layout and advanced technology computer laser layout, etc. Professional agent of all kinds of laser film, reflective transfer film, cloth stamping transfer foil, hair transfer paper, colorful onion transfer paper, and provide hot stamping processing services. Suitable for clothing, shoes and hats, toys, protective gear, schoolbags, handbags, leather products, ceramics, glass, wood products, plastics, handicrafts and other industries

Are you looking for a hot stamping factory?
With the wide application of hot stamping, many garment factories and foreign trade dealers have an increasing demand for hot stamping. How to choose a stable quality, suitable price, experienced hot stamping processing plant, this is an important thing.

What are the problems related to hot stamping heat transfer printing?
Printing color difference, each batch is a little different.
Washing off, peculiar smell, tensile cracking, long delivery cycle and so on.

With advanced printing equipment, the material is environmental friendly and reliable.
All products are in accordance with export quality and standards.
The daily output reaches 30000 PCs, high precision, monochrome, multicolor can do.

Environmental protection European standard hot drawing:
The application of a complete set of polyamine series ink, good elasticity, water wash resistance; SGS detection (European textile category: total lead, eight heavy metals, phthalate, azo, organic tin); suitable for low temperature transfer printing, rich and full color, good color, good washing fastness (4-5); good elasticity, stretch test, good shrinkage. 

Product information:
Transfer to stamping temperature: 145-150 ° C
Transfer stamping pressure: 4.5kg/ .
Transfer to stamping time: 6 "-15“
Separation time: 6 "-15" tearing off mode
Water resistant: excellent
Suitable materials: polyurethane material is suitable for elastic fabrics; ordinary transfer materials are suitable for ordinary daily necessities. 

Hot stamping water fastness test.
Hot stamping according to the correct way, will not drop. (except waterproof material)
Three elements of transfer printing: temperature 145-160 degrees; time about 10 seconds; pressure 4.5kg/

1. Through strict Oeko tex environmental certification. 
2. Bright color, clear lines, excellent texture, no fading. 
3. Washability, wear resistance, light resistance and heat resistance. 
4. No glue edge. It has the function of reservation and restoration. 
5. Fast fashion brand is the preferred cooperative brand.
 6. Heat transfer engraving film manufacturers, manufacturers direct supply, cost-effective.